We are currently updating our Hebrewer, a web-based lexicon generator. This version of theHebrewer runs as an applet from within a Java-aware browser. It is based on a program which interacts with an updateable database of Hebrew roots. The Hebrewer starts in noun mode, but with the click of a tab it can also be used for verbs. Once a noun or verb has been selected, the user will see the display of its declension or conjugation.

About the Nouns: The applet is capable of generating some two thousand one hundred nouns in full declension.

About the Verbs: Currently only a small number of verb groups are programmed with a limited inventory of some four hundred and sixty regular, final-heh, short, pe-nun, and lamed-nun verbs. As the pilot testing our capability to generate verbs has been successfully completed, we expect our verb database to grow substantially in the near future. The tenses are displayed separately due to space constraints. The user can select a different tense using the tabs at the top of the display. The meaning of the verb is given for the pa'al pattern, unless stated otherwise.

Unlike other tools we have developed and made available through the Modern Hebrew Project site, the Hebrewer is a fairly complex program which requires that the user download a number of special extensions (instructions are coming soon). We are aware of a small number of "bugs" in the current version of the program, and we are fixing them as they are found. Our servlet is re-started once a week or so, and that is when corrections we make and addition to the database are expected to take effect.

Hebrewer: Deploy applet

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