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Merav & Friends

Before Class לפני השיעור
After Class אחרי השיעור
In the Library בספרייה
Eating in a Restaurant אוכלים במסעדה
Looking for a Job מחפשים עבודה
Buying Clothes קונים בגדים
Planning a Trip רוצים לטייל
In Eilat באילת
Merav’s Family המשפחה של מירב
Shabat at Yael's שבת בבית של יעל
Oded's Apartment הדירה של עודד

Rina & David

On a Bridge על הגשר
Doing Homework עושים שיעורים
Nice Things to Say שיחה נעימה
At Work בעבודה
At the Pool I (1) בבריכה
At the Pool II (2) בבריכה

Kobi & Eyal

At the Airport בשדה התעופה
Eating Out במסעדה
The Travel Agent סוכן הנסיעות

These clips were produced at The University of Texas at Austin by Esther Raizen and Yaron Shemer. The "Merav and Friends" series presents the discourse in a slowed-down, carefully articulated speech, for the benefit of beginners. The "Rina and David" series contains short scenes in close-to-normal speed of speech, and the "Kobi and Eyal" series presents native-like discourse speed.

The clips can be best viewed on machines with ethernet connection. In order for the clips to work properly, you must have the QuickTime Plug-In for your browser (free download). A separate window will open for each movie. To return to the main page, just close that window.

The clips were produced with funds from a US Department of Education Title VI grant, allocated through the UT Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Technical support was provided by Eric Eubank from Liberal Arts ITS and Christopher D. Blandy from ACITS.
All right reserved. These clips may not be copied or distributed.